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Pricing Update

The thing I struggled most with when starting my business back in 2017 was how much to charge my clients. Nearly five years on, I’m pleased to have been able to (more or less) stick to my initial pricing structure but, regretfully, this is not possible any longer. With costs increasing across the board have decided to increase package fees for new clients from 1 November 2021.

Existing clients will not be affected initially, but I am conducting a full review and will contact any everyone directly regarding any changes to their ongoing services and fees.

Current pricing per month

Updated pricing (from 1 November) per month

Self Employed Business Owner

From £65

From £55

Simple Limited Company

From £100

From £110

Larger Limited Company

From £130

From £138

All prospective clients receive a bespoke quotation for services based on their needs. Please get in touch via the website if you have any questions!

All the best

Rachel & Esme

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