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Home Office is GO

September 7, 2018

It was a busy summer for us at Bulldog Towers but the crowning achievement of August has got to be the completion of the home office. After a year of piling up paperwork on the kitchen table (and clearing it away resentfully every time we have guests), I now have a proper desk, proper chair and a shiny new computer with TWO SCREENS. Goals, people, goals.


Now I'm all set up and out of excuses, I've been doing some cathartic (but dull) IT admin. Tidying up my records, making sure I've got all the right reference info from my clients and putting systems in place so I can plan and manage my deadlines more effectively. Now that my client base is getting a bit bigger, I need a bit more help in making sure I get everything done on time so I've invested in some software and downloaded Windows 365 (Outlook! Oh how I've missed thee!) to supplement my trusty wine box filing system. 


I've also been playing with the data from Xero which has accumulated since we started trading last year. I LOVE it when you get to the point of having a whole year's worth of data! I definitely recommend using an accounting system from the start of your business - its so useful to be able to trace back the decisions you've made to your bottom line. 


I'm speaking about my experience in setting up Bulldog Accounting at the ICAEW's Practice Conference in November and have been reflecting a great deal on how I have navigated the tricky first year in business. Its gone so quickly and so much has happened! The data I've collated really shows how things go in fits and starts: there's a clear peak in January (after a frighteningly quiet December), and then in May a big spike in revenue as a result of an almost overwhelmingly busy month. 


Things are fairly steady at the moment which is nice, though I'm getting a few referrals in as people come back from their holidays and decide to get their numbers sorted! If you are interested in our services, please email me on rachel@bulldogaccounting.co.uk, drop us a DM on twitter (@bulldog_ac) or contact us on facebook (@bulldogaccounting).




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