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Leaning Green

April 8, 2018

Fresh from a weekend's vegan glamping in Sussex (SO much fun), and following last week's excellent #SuccessHour tweet-chat on going green, I am leaning a little green today.


With a life-long dependency on cheese, and a dislike for mushrooms, I am not really a candidate for veganism in the long term, but I was in awe of the feast prepared by the other hens round a campfire. Everything tasted AMAZING. Hats off to Claire, and Sophie (the talented hands behind Super Doux in Brighton) who delivered a stunning spread. 


There's no question that veganism is restrictive and its no coincidence that this particular group of friends are Brighton and Hove based. The city has always catered well to different diet choices and makes it (almost) easy to be vegan.  Not so elsewhere: one friend was told that the only vegan-friendly thing they could order in a local pub was crisps, and Sunday roasts can be a minefield ("oh, you mean vegan as in just the vegetables?") Notwithstanding the difficulties, the reasoning behind choosing to go vegan is interesting.


Firstly, it is more sustainable. Raising animals uses up more than ten times the amount of resources than growing grain does. More resources to feed people equals less hungry people. 


Secondly, animals are cool. Mr Bulldog and I have both become much more aware of animals as sentient creatures since sharing our home with the delightful Esme. We also have a very soft spot for pigs. I have not yet reconciled myself to the idea of becoming a vegetarian, but we have discussed not eating pork a number of times.


Thirdly, health. Whilst I think it can be difficult to get enough of some vitamins and things (particularly protein) as a vegan, there's not doubt you eat a lot more vegetables. Which can only be good for you! However, you also have to get on board with horrible things like tofu. Uck.


So I'm not a convert, but I'm definitely less sceptical than I was. The idea of making lifestyle choices that contribute in a small way to helping the natural world is a compelling one and I think we'll be making a conscious effort to eat a little less meat going forwards.


Oh, and I'll be reducing my printing and buying from suppliers that have sustainable practices. So that might help a little too. Tiny steps from everyone can help to save the world. 


 The #SuccessHour tweet chat takes place every Tuesday between 9-10pm on twitter. Hopefully see you there!


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