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August 31, 2017

Time has gone all elastic on us this week. The past three weeks have gone past in a heartbeat but it simultaneously feels as if an awful lot of "time" has passed. Perhaps we have skipped into a parallel dimension somehow? Maybe we've been reading too much sci-fi (the picture right is Woola from Disney's John Carter. The closest we can get to a sci-fi bulldog. He is awesome).


Anyway, we have been having a pretty productive week at Bulldog HQ. Whilst Esme has knuckled down and upped her daily sleeping time to about 16 hours per day, we have been out and about meeting people and sticking our wrinkly noses into things (see previous post on Selling Points). And we're happy to acknowledge that the hard work seems to be paying off. We have been gradually increasing our profile (we broke 100 followers on twitter on Tuesday night) and are starting to generate new connections. Next step: growth!


Most excitingly, a former colleague (and current friend) has introduced us to a potential new client in St Albans. Did we mention that we love St Albans? Following an excellent first meeting this morning we are hoping to push forward with a really exciting project aimed at optimising their use of available technology and cloud-based computer systems. We'll be getting deeper into Xero and Sage, and playing with an awful lot of spreadsheets. Heaven. Process efficiency and technology is such an interesting area, and can make such a difference to how a business operates, with a knock on impact to the service offered to clients. We're really looking forward to getting cracking next week.


(We are also in a good mood because we're off on holidays next Sunday. Still time for some more blogging before then).







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