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Selling Points

August 29, 2017

As a new business, our most important task at the moment is promoting ourselves. We need to let people know we exist, and simultaneously convince them that we are credible, supportive and good value for money. This is not an easy ask and, unfortunately, not something we have a  lot of experience in. Whilst we are doing OK on twitter (up to 120 followers now) and our website is getting more traffic, we are struggling to "generate" and "convert" leads to clients. 


Though aware that the only real way to sell is to get out and just do it, we are deeply uncomfortable with cold-calling. Instead we have been exploring ways of getting out and about to meet local businesses and build up some relationships without the hard sell.


To this end, we attended last week's Business Buzz networking event in Flitwick which was informal, friendly and useful. We - of course - took Esme along as a mascot and ice-breaker (the first canine attendee to a Buzz event!) 


We met some fellow dog lovers and got some great tips to follow up for other networking groups in the area as well as some information about support for new businesses. We'll definitely be going back, armed with more business cards and our bulldog, though she seemed more interested in lying down then interacting!


We understand that accountancy services are not something people will impulse buy, and a lot of businesses will already have relationships with local accountants that they are unwilling to move on from. In some ways its a waiting game, all about timing. We need to meet the right kind of business, at the time they are looking for the kind of support that we can provide. So watch out for our bulldog, and bear us in mind if you or one of your friends needs a new accountant or just a bit of help with a tricky issue. You'd be surprised how much we can do. 




Are passionate about helping small businesses, sole           traders and charities get their finances right


Are qualified Chartered Accountants


Have a wealth of experience in financial processing:               VAT, accounts preparation, PAYE, reconciliations,               management accounts (and more)


Can help you optimise your use of financial                             systems and improve your internal processes


Can provide bespoke excel training to your teams


Speak plain English and want to help you understand             finance better


Get in touch if you want to know more: rachel@bulldogaccounting.co.uk


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