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Getting personal

July 25, 2017

Bulldog Accounting has been live for two months now. I think this is what is known as a "soft launch" - we are still getting our ducks in a row and will be doing more and more as the summer progresses (and hopefully dries out a bit). I've been doing some thinking about our vision and ethos and all the squishy stuff that helps a business understand, target & serve their customers. With that in mind, perhaps it is time to get a little personal...


So, who are you?


We are a new accountancy practice based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire. We want to give small businesses access to qualified, experienced and tailored accounting support at a reasonable price. 


But who are you? 


I am a chartered accountant with 10 years experience across central & local government, charities & social enterprise. I have helped lots of organisations with process development, system implementation & technical accountancy.


I am also a massive geek, love fantasy novels, knitting and baking (I am currently making a wedding cake for my best friend's big day in August) and try to do some running when I can. I grew up in Kent, spent my university years in Brighton then moved around London for six years before relocating to lovely Letchworth and getting my lovely bulldog, Esme, 3 years ago.


I like to think I'm not a standard accountant: I studied English & Philosophy and am what I would describe as a little bit "artsy". I love to make figures less intimidating for businesses, and help them to understand what's important (so they can avoid worrying about what's not). I'm really interested in people and love to see how passionate they are about what they're doing, a large part of my reason for setting up this practice in the first place!


I value integrity above all else and think it's so important to be genuine and relatable (as well as, obviously, experienced and competent). I hope I can be all of these things for my customers and am very excited to be here.


If you would like to talk to me about what Bulldog Accounting can do for your business, drop me an email at Rachel@bulldogaccounting.co.uk or call me on 07813 181340.

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