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July 3, 2017

Many businesses see Finance as nothing but a necessary evil.   An expensive (and slightly irritating) mechanism to keep HMRC off your back and make sure the auditors sign off your accounts. I can see why:  accountants ask boring questions about things you are far too busy to remember, delay your expenses getting paid back and often end up providing a negative perspective on emerging opportunities.  We also (see previous post) sometimes get a little bit too excited about things like spreadsheets.


This is all true. However, finance is also your backstop. We are the business endgame: if something goes awry with your business, it will inevitably emerge in the financials. We are the folks that make sure the money comes in and goes where its supposed to. We can tell you what’s really happening with your business, what is working and what might not be;  where you’re losing money and where you might be able to make some more. We can troubleshoot and streamline, increase efficiency and transparency, provide advice, support and a critical friend. We see businesses from the bottom up, and engage from the top down. Business – even not-for-profit – is fundamentally about making money so finance will ALWAYS be relevant.  We are your back office ninja.  Use us wisely.




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